Squats and Neuromuscular Efficiency

a49aed4e96dd40201d69003df117d343I have always had a bubble butt, but it used to hang low and be squishy. I get so many compliments lately from men on my ass and I love it. Although it does make it challenging to find clothes; my pencil skirts no longer fit and neither do my skinny jeans. But, it is a good problem to have and it is getting better and better everyday. One of my favorite strength days are squat days-even though those are the days I feel for several days after.

Training-Coach session
A: 1 Rep Max Back Squats; build in 6 minutes
B: Max Rep Squats @85% of todays 1RM-Neuromuscular Efficiency test
10, 9, 8, 7…3, 2, 1 Ring rows
1, 2, 3, 4 …8, 9, 10 Ball Slams
Time: 6:23

A: 1RM Back Squat, my PR for this is 165#s, I knew I was a little tired coming into today and may not get to my PR or set a new one but I was determined to get focus and try for reaching my PR. I did warm up sets and worked my way up to 125#s. This is when the time started to build to my 1RM. 
125#, 2 reps
145, 1 rep
158, 1 rep
163, 1 failed attempt then tried it again and fought for it and got it!
I love having the videos for my records and I enjoy seeing them to see where I need to improve. I have a really bad habit of rushing-rushing down and then sometimes I bottom out and cant get back up. After watching the videos a couple times through I was able to see where and how I need to improve. Also my coach said to me that I need to work on focused and controlled movements even when I have the light bar in hand I still need to maintain control. I could see that from the videos. At first I thought I was going to far down, but the more videos I watch of other crossfitters my depth of my squat is good, I just need to work on control and getting stronger. Back Squats
B: Neuromuscular Efficiency: I will research this more and post a more educated meaning and how it can help you in Crossfit this week. Basically it is a test to see whether you are a “buffalo” or a “Jaguar”. Buffalo’s can do 5 or more reps without reracking or dropping the bar which makes them stronger and able to go longer and harder longer–find me a man like this please; pronot! =) A Jaguar is 5 or less reps which a person can go heavier but for shorter amounts of time. I am a Jaguar, but I had just come to the end of a week where I had little to no sleep and so my body wasn’t at its best. I am hoping to retry this again in two weeks to see how I improve! 
Ring Rows/Ball Slams: Ring rows have gotten pretty easy for me, I really wanted more of a challenge for them. So I asked my coach if I could wear the weighted vest for this section. I think I messed with his programming–I am a little stubborn that way, but I did wear the 20# weighted vest for the whole section. I completed it in 6:23. 

Exciting news!! 

Through my blogging my love of writing has really flourished, I saw the Tabata Times was looking for contributors so I applied–they approved me!! I posted my first article on there this week! Here is the link: http://www.tabatatimes.com/vulnerability-crossfit/


Happy WOD’ing! 




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