Shoulder Day



Before I hit the box this morning, I had some real clarity in my journey this year. This year has been a lesson in being the anchor in the storms of life. Some days there are calm days and some days my anchor is barely hanging on. I have learned not to wish for calm seas, just hope for a strong anchor. It’s my journey and I know there is a purpose. Starting the day on a positive note has been something that has made the difference between a stormy day and a day with a strong anchor. I’ve had some storms and distractions the last week and I told my coach it is time to focus on what the goal is and push the distractions out of the way.

Training: Coach Session
A: Push Press + Split Jerk Combo, build to max-100#
B: Power Clean 1.1.1: x3 from blocks-65#
C: EMOM 6 Minutes; Push Jerks-60#
D: EMOM 6 Minutes; TNG DL @55%-115#
A/D 10 minutes
A: Hello combo’s; today I had the Push Press and the Split Jerk combined together. My 1RM for these guys are pretty even; 100 and 95. I forgot to copy down the step-ups we did. I think the last I remember I did 2 at 75 and then 1 at 90 and 1 at 100. Using my breathing techniques for these was imparitive for getting the bar over head and then getting under it. My coach then added more weight to see if I could Split Jerk more; but I wasn’t getting under the bar enough. I went back and rewatched the videos and I had some hesitation and maybe a little fear and didn’t get under it. But, I did have a PR in my Split Jerk at 100#s which is always encouraging! 
Here’s the video:Split Jerk fail
I’d love to hear any tips you have!
B: PC from blocks: This was something new for me, I hadn’t done these from the block before. So we didn’t do as much as the cluster as we did take the time to do some skills work. The last few I did Power Cleans and then added a Split Jerk too. I did this skill work and technique practice at 65#s. 
C: EMOM: 60#s of 5 Push Jerks for 6 minutes. I had about 30-35 seconds rest each time. I tried to practice working on getting underneith the bar and showing control with the bar. My shoulders were burning during these as we had a very shoulder intense day. 
D: EMOM: 55% of 1RM DL at 115#s. I worked on speed and breathing with these. A few of the sets I was keeping the bar in so close that I was hitting my shins with the bar–that’s going to look pretty for Thursdays Christmas party. =)
I finished the training session with 10 minutes and my friend Mr. A/D. Then I also did some hip mobility as well to finish off the day. 
I know I need to work on getting under the bar more and get rid of that hesitation-No fear! Wednesday I will be doing jerks and jerk balance movements to get me moving under the bar. I don’t feel afraid, I just don’t think I believe in myself enough to get it done. I will conquer that movement! On a side bar note; I think I am going to seriously make some flash cards–how am I ever going to remember all these movements-Crossfit Dictionary! 
Be great today!

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