What I learned from Winter Challenge…2013

ce2fc932e79df00bef86ada8eec52070-1Today I truly understand what it means to persevere through a challenging workout. I knew going into this challenge that is was going to be hard and would really test me to my limits. Am I ready for something so challenging?! Probably not, but I wanted a benchmark that I could use for OPT Challenges to come. I did have to scale some of the movements due to the ability not to be able to do the perscribed weight for the reps required, some movements I haven’t mastered yet so I had to use their allotted time to practice those skills. For the last WOD I definatly bit off more than I can chew, but I perserveared and pushed through the pain, a few tears, and many urges to quit.

I learned technology is a pain in the ass! Who knew recording something so simple could prove to be so difficult. WOD 2, I did great and I finished it with the scaling of the weight I did. Damn phone ran out of video memory after 5:45 and stopped recording! Besides being exhausted and wiping the sweat from face, I was also wiping away my tears. There I was so excited for my accomplishment, but I was overwhelmed with emotions at something I worked so hard for was down the drain. Being able to be vulnerable and let my walls down at the moment and allow my feelings to show, was something I wasn’t used to. I got some great encouragement from a friend at my box which helped me feel a little better. Tomorrow I go and redo that one again with a new time to beat.

I learned it is okay to push yourself, but you need to know your own strength and your limits. I learned that second guessing yourself is natural but you have to suck it up and do what you orginially set out to do. I know I have come a long way this year, but I still have a long way to go. One positive phrase I have learned to burn into my memory and that is “Progress, not perfection”. I learned today that saying positive phrases can get your through the times when you just want to throw in the towel.

Recap of the WODs:

10 minutes to build to 3 max distance broad jumps
10 minutes to establish 3 AMRAP sets of DUs
My Score: 162 inches

Thoughts: Jumping is an area that I need to work on; still working on jumping onto a box. It felt good to jump for distance, it isn’t a skill that I had done before. I am not super thrilled with myself on this one; but it gives me something to add to the list to work on as well as working on those DUs. Skills I will add to my poster in the garage for daily practice. 

WOD 2 For Time
Scaled women’s weight from 85# to 55#
10 unbroken CJs
1200m row time: 5:41
10 unbroken CJs
1200m row time 5:52
10 unbroken CJs
1200m row time 5:57
10 unbroken CJs
1200m row time 5:56
10 unbroken CJs
My Time: 34:34-will redo Sunday AM for video submission purpose

 Thoughts: Through what I have learned this year, one is setting goals for WODs. I tried to do a little math to figure out a good goal, going in I knew my 1K time was just under 5 minutes, so I figure 6:30 for each of the rows. The goal I set in mind was 45 minutes, I killed my goal by about 11 minutes. Last night I lay in bed thinking if 55#s was to light. By the middle I found myself resting the bar on my thighs and my shoulders in order to get through the 10 unbroken. Today during WOD 4 my shoulder really starting burning and popping and hurting-so I am not sure if I will be able to go heavier tomorrow. Hopefully some ice and a solid nights sleep will have me waking up ready to push hard and still stay under my goal time. 
No Beuno, doing it a second time! Sometimes being stubborn is a blessing and a curse! 

WOD 3-30 minute time Cap
Triple Front Squat
Did triples building for sets: 55#, 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 120#-PR =)
Double Snatch
Did doubles building for sets: 35#, 40#, 50#, 65#
Max C2B pull-ups 0
My Score of two weights in Kg=83.9146

Thoughts: I loved this one! I really enjoy the barbell movements the most. I tried to use my time wisely and really build the best I can. Looking back at this I might have been able to make greater steps and more breaks, but it is a learning process. I knew going into it, I had a PR of 110#/3 in mid-October-I set a goal of 130#, but I knew that would be tough to get to. When I got to 115# I was pushing it and already making grunting sounds, lol. I took a little longer break and was able to add five more pounds on and reach 120#/3-a new PR! I tried 122, but I failed and at that point I moved to the Double Snatch.
Coach Anthony had been working with me on my snatches, power cleans, and jerks the last few weeks so I felt more confident when I saw it appear for the WOD. I used to much time for the FS and felt really rushed here. I actually ran out of time just as I made my second snatch to complete my double at 65#. 
Watching the video for this WOD makes me see those darn dropping elbows, they are better than they have been but I really need to work on keeping them up and not drooping forward. It also looks like I am leaning forward which might have hindered me to get to the higher weight. A good question to take to Individual coaching on Wednesday. 

WOD 4 For Time
KBS 1.5pd to 35#
T2B, sub knee raises-close to K2E
DB Snatch 45# to 30#
WB 10 ft mark for 8ft mark
50 KBS @35#
50 W/L

50 Knee raises, close to K2E
50 Shoulder to overhead @65# Rx
40 DB alternating snatches @30#
50 WB 14# ball at 8ft target
30 burpees
My Time: 62:30

Thoughts: I knew going into this WOD that it was going to be hard and that it would take me at least an hour. After I got through the K2E/knee raises I said to my coach “I bit off more than I can chew.” He said that sometimes that happens and you just have to go on. I started into the S2O by doing 5 at a time, that soon became two at a time, then occationally singles. After about 35 minutes, I had finished the start to S2O. 
The second 30 minutes I spent chipping away  at the DBs, wall balls, and the dreaded burpees. It was somewhere in the middle of the DB Snatches my shoulder starting throbbing, but I had come this far and wasn’t going to quit. The WBs, I end up breaking down into sets of 5-but going back to watch-I am out of the line of the camera. Then finished off the time with the 30 burpees. Thanks to my coaches for staying while I plugged away at this bugger. 


Not sure if I would ever do another video submission competition again, unless I have some other recording device that my cell phone. I like the rush that I got from doing the Box Battle Challenge-competing against others in person, makes me want to push harder. Do I still want to compete, yes-but, I will make sure that it is a scaled competition I am going to have more success with. You don’t know how you are going to do unless you do it! I did this one knowing I still have a lot of work to do in order to do the skills Rx’ed. I am not sorry I did it, I am a nerd and I like tracking my data and seeing my progressions. This gave me a great benchmark tool to use going forward and gives me inspiration and determination to go forward and push harder.

On an off subject matter; I am not loving how I look on video. I still see that heavy gal and it makes me feel self conscious about myself. But, on the other hand-I know what I need to do to change it going forward. I didn’t get to almost 300 pounds overnight-it took a lot of years to get to that weight. I know I have made amazing progress this year, but it is just a starting point. Just because the year is coming to an end, doesn’t mean my journey is. I’ve got a theme in mind for the new year-Consistency in eating and training.

Challenge yourself by doing something that scares you and pushes you to your max; you might be surprised at your results. Keep pushing yourself and chasing after your goals.




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