Stepping Stones


I firmly believe our life is made up of a pathway of stepping-stones. Sometimes I may stay on that stone for a short time and other times I may camp out on that stone for the long haul, but either way each stone has a purpose and each purpose gets me closer to the stone I was meant to settle into. In my life I have had many stepping-stones and I have even falling off a few of those stones and had to climb and fight to get back on the one I was meant to be at for that period in my journey. Lately I find myself ready to leave a solid stone and dig into to my sense of adventure and climb onto the next stone. Being true to myself and putting me first has become an integral part of my life the last year. You may not understand my path or question my reasoning, but we all have the stones we are made to climb upon and the thing I ask the most is you hold tight or go on your way.

As I climb onto my next stone it brings excitement and bring out my desire to learn, research, and life a full and more passionate life. This next stone brings major changes which can be scary, sad, and exhilarating. It also means starting over and change which is sometimes needed in our lives. I’ve learned many lessons in life some the hard way more than once, but the major one that sticks out is learning not to live with regret. We get one life, of course unless you come back as a rock star or a goat! LOL! Find your passion and pursue it, be true to you and all of your desires.

Many people often don’t get the chance to pursue their passions because life, finances, or fears hold them back. I feel so blessed that no matter how many stones I cross or how wild it is my family has had their way assisting to make it the best stone for that time! Although this is a stone they can’t figure out again, they know holding me back will only drive me further away. This poem is about Dreams this line explains my next stone: “She dreams of mountains she does not know, she has to see them she has to go.”

Find your passion and live it!


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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