Fresh Start




Sometimes in life we need fresh starts! I am so excited about this one…I have talked in the past of moving here or there, but this time I am going! I have a few interviews set up for when I am in Scottsdale in April and one or two possible places to rent a room. Depending on which job I get will depend on what living situation I will be able to have. Beginnings are scary-yes, but starting over is amazing! When I sat down to tell a friend she said but you don’t have any family there; but I don’t have any family here either. Quite honestly I will probably be able to see my brother up in Northern CA more living out West because he is a big outdoorsman and does a lot of rock climbing.

Some thing I am nuts for leaving behind Naples and established friends. Friends will prove the distance and I know I will use those people skills to make some new ones too. My move date will be around the middle of June, yes right in the heat of summer out in AZ. But, at least it won’t be humid and blazing hot. Looking forward to spending time with my dear Florida friends in the time leading up to my departure. Lots to do till then, so I’m taking it a day at a time and starting to clean out this condo! =)




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