Fun in the toy box!



“I am a Crossfit Woman, I may scale a WOD but I will never give up or quit”

This week while I waited to have my Skype meeting with my new coach I got to play around with some of my favorite workouts and some things I need to work on. At the box there are so many fun toys that we always don’t get to use, today I did a take of a WOD I’ve done a few times before and that was the “playground” or “recess” WOD. It isn’t a short, fast, and intense piece it was an aerobic piece that was longer and I had to dig a little deeper to complete it. Workouts are never easy, but this one I wrote was harder and a little more grueling than I thought it was going to be!

“The Toy Box”
20-30 Minutes @70-80%
5-7 Movements at each station in any order
KBS 35#
Pull-ups (bands)
Toes-2-bar AMBAT
Anchored Med-Ball Sit-ups 14#
Step-ups 20″
200m Sled-pull 65# (1)

Notes: For me this was a way to keep moving at a good pace, but not racing out the gate. Pacing has been something I have struggled with off and on, I am much better as my mental game of the sport increases. I try to strategize before each workout to figure out my game plan and how I am going to break it down. Today I just wanted to have fun but get some solid work done.

The first time through I did 7 of each movement just to see how it went, I found myself more at 85%. Going into the next sets I did about 5-6 per station. Even with the bands, I seemed to have some kipping issues. I am not sure if the box was to close behind me or because I hadn’t done them in a while I lost a little rhythm. I had to regress in band colors and I was kind of bummed about that. I am back to green, thin blue, and skinny red. KBS I was able to keep my feet in my heels and use my hips more and magically I have stopped whacking myself in the butt with the bell and having a little more fluidity in the movement.

The kicker on this one though was the sled-pulls! I probably could have gone a little heavier on these, but I didn’t want to be sore Friday to do 14.2. After the second round of these I was really working hard and found myself taking a little longer breaks between movements to have that rest and keep it at the pace it was intended to be. I was able to do the sled without stopping each time and almost used it as my recovery time.

All said and done I ended up doing three full rounds in 25 minutes. I left a big pool of sweat on the floor and felt like I put in some hard work and I had fun doing it! I’m really enjoying the fun of workouts and the independence of pushing myself. I tend to want to work harder and have more focus when I just have to worry about me, and not worry about who is in class am I am going to be the last to finish, and so forth. It’s just me, the box, and a few others in there doing their own thing too! I am looking forward to seeing what my new coach has in store for me for next week!





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