14.2 Take one!


Here’s a picture from this morning, 14.2 take one. I did a long warm-up and took some time building up to the OHS weight. I was fine and able to do about 10 when I got to 55#s. After taking a break to go to 65#, I started running into more problems. I think I’m a little bit to far forward and a times my shoulders weren’t locked in as tightly as with a lighter weight.

I tried the 3 minutes and I was only able to get two unbroken before I lost a little control on the bar. Once I got the bar on the ground, I had a hard time putting the bar back up overhead into a position I could OHS. I tried multiple times and multiple ways to get that stupid bar into a solid position.

Strategy for Monday for me is going to be a lot less building to that weight, more specific warm up and then get after it. I know I will have to do them unbroken if possible in order to get my goal of 10! Ill send a clip it gets a little ugly.


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