New Coach Fresh Start


Last night I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, waiting to see what my new workout program was going to be for this week. Just as I was ready to shut my eyes-bam!  After figuring out what it all I was I was able to get to sleep and slept through the night. I awakened to the first alarm and procrastinated for the second alaram just to get a little extra rest in there.

Day 1 A: AMRAP 4 minute DB Box Step Ups
B: RDL 8-10 @42×1 x3 rest 2-3 min.
C:: Max effort FLR x3
D: Max Effort Side Plank
Row 500m @100%Notes:
A: I used 3 45# plates and then 25# DB in each hand. I warmed up by doing a few of them and trying to figure out what my pace was going to be. Upon starting I tried to do as many as I could before putting down the DBs. I ended up doing about 15 reps and then taking a 5-7 second break in between  each set. I tried to pace myself and not go to hard to fast and then at the end I tried to push through to get as many as I could. I sent you the video link to You Tube this mooring.

B: After watching the video on the Romanian Dead Lift, I think I had done them before I did 65 # to warm and play with my grip. 
     * Set 1: 95# I did 10 and ten rested 3 minutes
     * Set 2:  105# I did 9 and rested 2.5 minutes
    * Set 3: 115# I did 9 again but had to split them up to keep at the tempo. 
C: FLR  I hadn’t done these in a while but I think I did okay on them. I was really feeling the burning in my abs doing them. 
     *1: 0:42
     *2: 0;30
     *3: 0;35
D:  SP: Doing them with a straight arm isn”t something that I had done before. I actually did two sets of these because I was not happy with my results. 
     * Attempt 1   L: 0:15    R: 0:15
     * Attempt 2  L : 0:25   R: 0:21
Row: I set the pace boat at 2:10 and I ended up getting 2:05. Honestly, I could have done a little bit better, I slowed dow a little when I was way ahead of the pace boat. I was really tired by the end and found myself having to really dig in. 
After all of this, I attempted to do 14.2 again. I really wanted to get the 10 reps, but was only able to get 5. At least I had some improvement. I was really sore from Friday still. I didn”t eat before I went in today, perhaps I should have had a little apple or something. I had two squares of egg bake when I got home and right after I had G3 gatorade. 
I”m looking forward to tomorrows excitement!

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