Holy DBs Batman!



Today was for sure about strength and mind over the tasks at hand.  I know going into this I was told I would get more than I am used to and I worked long and hard today for about 2.5 hours and loved every minute of it.  When I got my workout, I didn’t know what some of the abbreviations were but I was able to be proactive and look them up. I did not sleep as well last night, but besides being sore I felt pretty good in the morning.
Day 2-Holy DBs. 🙂
A: CGDP Build to 1RM
B: Seated DB Press, build to heavy set of 8
C: Single arm DB row @40×1 10-12/arm x3 rest 60 sec b/t arms
D: FW 100m build to heavy DBs in 5 attempts
50m KB FR carry both arms
8 Bicep curls-Arnold Press
Time: 8:25.97


A:  I got a PR here! The build looked like this: 1: 40# x5, 2: 45# x5, 3: 50# x4, 4: 55# x3, 5: 60# x3, 6: 65# x3, 7: 70# x2, 8: 75# x1 (probably could have done 2), final one was 80# for my 1RM. 
B: This was a new movement for me, but after watching the YouTube video I was able to figure out how to do it. I probably did not do this build right, but I got them done and it was heavy.  1: 10# x10, 2: 15# x9, 3: 20# x5, then I did the heavy set at 25#s and did 4 and then 1, 1, 1, 1.
C: I was able to keep the tempo at all the different weights at the end I dropped the DB at 8, then picked it back up again to do 2 more. 1: 25# x 12/arm, 2: 30# x11/arm, and the last set was 35# with 10 per arm with the split mentioned above.
D: If you were trying to work my forearms and grip you struck gold on this section! I may have started a little too heavy and did not build again how you wanted. Here is what I did: 1: 30#/hand – put them down at 50m, 2: 35#/hand Put them down at 50m, then halfway at 25m to adjust my grip. 3: 35# again, stop at 50m and halfway back. 4: 40#; same pattern of stops as above. I tried to get the 45# to do, but when I could not lift it out of the rack, I wasn”t sure how I would carry 100m. The last round I did 40# again, but had to stop about 6x because I could not hang onto them anymore. My left hand actually gave out before my right hand did. 
5RFT 8:25.97
I did 25# KB FR/arm and 15# for the DBs. I tried to do heavier but found myself doing a push press with them, so I went lighter. I tried to just plug through with everything I had left, which was not much. 
I probably need to figure out with Jason tonight how to fuel my body more effectively for these longer workouts. I ate late last night and then just had water before I went today. By the seated press I was hungry and so I had a Fit Aid along side my water I had been sipping on. Immediately after I had a protein shake with 2 scoops of protein/water. Then had my lunch when I got home. I have been hungry all afternoon, but I am trying to stay clear of the kitchen at work-it is filled with GS cookies. Today, was tough but I love it!

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