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I went to bed sore and woke up sore, but that was a good feeling. My last three days have been much greater volume than I am used to and knew that going in to this next chapter. I love my workouts although at some points during them I think I am never going to get through. Today was tough because I am sore, my upper body is super sore. I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow for a good adjustment to get things back in place and a little shock therapy and heat. I know that sore today or tomorrow means that I am getting stronger which is the most amazing part of it all!


A1: DB Plate Step-Ups 10-12/leg rest 15 sec x3

A2: Side Plank Max Effort/side rest 60 sec b/t sets x3

B1: Max Effort Push Ups @40×1 for 90 sec. x3

B2: Barbell Upright Raise @30×2; 10-12 rest 60 sec. x3

C1: Bicep Curl to DB Press 10-12, rest 15 sec

C2: Russian KBS Heavy 12-15 rest 60 sec x3


8 Attempts Max Effort AD


A1: With the 16″ box these felt more stable than on Monday. I tried to keep my eyes forward and work on my posture and only using one leg at a time. I did use a lighter weight to ensure that I was working on the form and posture. Each leg I did 10, the last set I set I did 8+2.

A2: My left side for the side planks is for sure stronger than the right side. The first two times I put my feet and stacked them on top of one another. On the left where my screws are in my ankle I had some discomfort. The last set for both sides was my highest time, but I crossed my legs sort of at the bottom and didn’t have the pressure on my ankle like I did the first two times. Set 1 L: 0:14.53 R 0:13.51; Set 2 L: 21 R: 0:10.30 (had some discomfort in my shoulder); Set 3: L: 0:25.13 R: 0:19.30.

B1: Between A and B I rested about 5 minutes to try and bring my heart rate down a little-I made a large pool of sweat on the floor. The push ups are a challenge for me, but I tried to really push myself and dig deep. The first set I got 18, then 15, and then I knew I wanted to be in between the first two if possible and I got 17. I found myself having to reset about every 3rd one.I still feel like  worm when I am doing them.

B2: I just saw the tempo on the page. I didn’t do them to tempo. I know I wrote it on my whiteboard but I was a little distracted when doing it and I completely overlooked the tempo. The first set I did the 35# bar and then for the other two sets I did them with 40#s. I would say my tempo was more like 20×2. I was able to do 12 each set.

C1: I took a break again because I wasn’t feeling good =( I did grab a Gatorade G3 to see if I could get some of those electrolytes back into my system. It was muggy and I looked like I just jumped out of the shower I was sweating so much. Right away I did 15# and was able to get all 12, then increased the weight to 20#s and got 10. The last set I did 10 but had to split them up

C2: I love KBS! If there was something between the 1.5 POOD and a little heavier I could have gone with that. I did do the 1.5 and was able to get 12, 13, and then 14. I took a little video; my weight felt like it was on my heels but the inside of my feet seem to be lifting up. I haven’t noticed that before. See below.


AD: I have a love/hate relationship with Mr. AD. Since you didn’t specify how you wanted the measurement of Max Effort to be done, I did it in calories. I went hard and fast the first time like a Puma was chasing me through the wilderness, then I had some of the attempts that were good and some of the attempts that weren’t so great. I had to rest about 1:30-2:30 between sets towards the end. The top two were 14 cal and 12 cal, the bottom was 5 cal. Then I had 9 cal four times and 11 once.

Russian KBS Video–feet

The last few days I have been able to really dig deep and be my own best competitor and cheerleader. I find that I push myself harder when it is just me or a few others in the box. Coming up with a few simple phrases that I can say out-loud and under my breathe have kept me going when I never thought it was going to end. I am getting used to about 2 hour workouts and loving each minute although my shoulders and arms are pretty sore this evening. Bed is right around the corner.

A friend sent me this quote today she found and she thought it was appropriate with all the big changes happening in my life. I am excited and a little nervous about “walking away” from Naples in a month, but I know it isn’t my weakness it is my strength. I know that I am worth it and I deserve to follow my dreams even if it means taking me on a new journey in another state. So many doors are opening and everything is falling into place it is reassuring and a sign that this is the right step and the right time. It sure is amazing how things work out!


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