You don’t know how hard your can go or how strong you are until you are pushed to your limits multiple days in a row! Today at one point during my workout I lost it and had my own little pity party in the middle of the gym; I couldn’t tell what was tears and what was sweat. But after a few minutes of reaching my breaking point I was able to dig up the strength, determination, and focus and finish the rest of the plan.

3-13, Day 4
A1: DB Walking Lunges 20 steps rest 0:15 (25#)
A2: Plank Max Hold rest 0:45
B1: DB Step-Ups 10-12 rest 0:15 (20#)
B2: Side Plank Max Hold rest 0:45
C1: 1/2 Kneeling Bicep Curl to Press 10-12, rest 0:15 (17.5#)
C2: FW 60 seconds HEAVY (24KG aka 52.9#)
20 sets
30 seconds AD-sub elipical trainer
30 seconds rest walk
A1/A2: Besides whacking my knees on the hard gym floor too many times this section went really well. My holds were 0:25, 0:27, 0:26, 0:23. I am sore and tried to push through the pain as much as I could on those. As I am writing this I think I did the wrong movement here, I did FLR for the plank. You wanted from the elbows. 
B1/B2: This is the part where things started to get shady and harder to push through. I use a small plyo box probably about 13 inches high for these. The side planks I am sure I will be seeing these for the long haul because I still have a really hard time with them. I am not sure if I am not in a good position, but my wrists seem to give out and them my shoulder gives out. I got an adjustment today, but while doing them I had considerable pain in my left hip. I only did two sets of them. 1: L: 0:15 + 0:15 R: 0:20 + 0:20. 2: L: 0:25 R: 0:30 (took me 4 times to get 0:30). I was frustrated and in pain and this is when I hit a mental wall. After about 5 minutes I was able to dig deep, find that determination and finish. 
C1/C2: On the 1/2 kneel I did 5 each side, I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to switch legs but it made more sense to me to do it so I did. The FW was pretty funny because I had about 4 people come up to me  (Crunch Gym) and ask if I needed help putting the weights away or if I was lost. The gym wouldn’t let me take the weights outside so I made laps around the gym floor. 
20 SETS: There comes a time at the end when I get a spark of energy and say what is just a little more work. This was a good piece and I enjoy the cardio aspect at the end. It is like the final push on a run or a climb to get to the top. 
Despite my grumbling I feel like each night I go to sleep a little sorer but also wake up a little stronger and still sore. Moving helps the soreness, but I am looking forward to a rest day soon–just saying. =)

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