I read something last night that talked about dedication and determination and it said sometimes you have to get up when it is uncomfortable and that helps you get more used to be uncomfortable in other situations and proves your dedication. I could have easily laid in bed today all day, I didn’t sleep well because I have sore muscles onto of sore muscles. But, I got up at 7:30 when the alarm went off and dragged more sore body back to the gym to complete the last training session for this week. Even though I may gripe a little and walk like I am 90, I am really enjoying the challenges that each new day brings.

Day 6:
A1: AD easy 60 sec; rest 0:10
A2: FW AHAP 60 sec; rest 0:10
A3: Row 60 sec; rest 0:10
A4: Plank 60 sec; rest 0:10
A5: Waiter Walk AHAP 60 sec; rest 0:10
A6: Speed walk 60 sec; rest 0:10


Today I stuck to your rest times strictly and it ended up taking me a little over 70 minutes excluding my warm-up and cool down. 
Round 1: I started off the FW with 35#s, then the row I got 228m, WW at 15#, and planks I did from my elbows in 4 sets of 0:15 with 5-7 seconds in between each set.
Round 2-4:  FW up to 44#, WW up to 20# (these became a struggle at the end; i looked like Jane Fonda walking up and down the road I was taking them down and putting them up so often! LOL), the planks went into FLR and stayed at the same break down, except round 3 I did 0:30 and two sets of 0:15. My rows went down a little each time they were 225m, and then 2 @ 210m.
Monday I am hoping to be a little less sore, I am going to do some mobility again tomorrow. I have my strategy for 14.3 and a goal in mind. I know I am strong and all the stepping up we did this week should for sure help me with the step-ups. My 1RM for DL is 225# and that was in August of last year. I’ll do your workout after it on Monday. =)
On another note, I can’t believe there are only 10 more days till I head to Vegas for Crossfit certification and then back to OPT for Life Coaching Class. Upon returning home I leave to drive out to Scottsdale to start the next chapter in my life. I’ve been wanting to move west since last year but I kept waiting and waiting for the time to be right. My brother asked me what I was waiting for and when I told him he said, you’ve just got to make the time be right there will never be a right time. So, I am doing it! When all the cards fall into place like they have for this change I know it is meant to be. I love this quote above, “She took the leap and built her wings on the way down”. Such the story of my life, I don’t who would read it, but one day I am going to finish the story of my life and perhaps one day my kids will be able to read it and learn from my mistakes and see what my life was like good and bad growing up and living. I know that I am going to be able to touch people’s lives in a positive way in this next chapter; I am going to be able to help them find their inspiration and build goals to chase after their dreams. 




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