When 14.3 was released I did my “happy dance” for two reasons. For one Dave Castro gave the CrossFit community one most of us could do, and I love Dead Lifts because it’s one I can usually do pretty heavy. Who doesn’t like to lift heavy stuff?!

My approach was more distinct than most WODs as I really took the time, plan, strategize, prepare mentally and physically for this open workout. There were many tools available at my finger tips from Optimum Performance Training to other CrossFit blogs I follow, plus Tabata Times had a great article too on warm-up tips and different strategies. For me, I knew the box step ups were the ones that would slow me down so I planned my transitions with the weights accordingly. I knew that taking the weights off and switching them would take up too much time, thus I decided adding on the weights would be the most appropriate and quickest way for me. I looked like a duck with my plate ducklings lined up at the end of my bar, but it is what I had to do in order to be effective.

Breaking down my 14.3; looking back I probably should have done the first DL reps a little faster, the box step ups were hard as my legs are still sore from last week. I tried to use the corner but didn’t feel comfortable that way, so I stuck with dead on-regular way. Plus I have long legs so it didn’t make much of a difference for me. The 135#s I broke up into sets of 5, which seemed to work well; focusing on my breathing and staying focused on the task at hand. The step ups again slowed me down a little bit and I used my hands to push off my thighs to help some. Finally the 155#; these were two at a time. I knew I had to get back to the box to make my goal. After 10; they became 1 at a time and just stuck with it. A little grunting always helps. 🙂 I got through all 20 but didn’t have a chance to get back to the box.

Even though I didn’t make my goal of 85, I’m really happy with the work I put in today. Besides doing 14.3 I also had a full day of programming to do. Some of it I put into my warm-up; the RDL I did 35#, 55#, 65# with the bar and then I did the 3 rounds of step ups w/o DBs but on the 20″ box. I cooled down with the 20 sets of AD, and still working through the core pieces this afternoon.


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