Stronger Each Day; Day 8



“Focus on your potential instead of your limitations”

This morning I heard an ad on the radio that talked about having focus, focus on what is important to you and don’t let anything hold you back. Sometimes we hear just the right message that we need to hear at the perfect time and place for where we are in our lives. This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I knew that I needed to focus on my potential instead of letting that “stinkin’ thinkin'” or what other people thing hold me back. People may not understand or criticize the decisions that I make, but guess what it is my life and I know what is best for me. Lately I’ve learned to hold close to those who give me strength and steer away from those who just are critical of everything.

A little of Day 7:
FLR Max holds x3
B1: FL to OHP
B2: Side Plank
Dead Bugs:
Notes: Started this morning with a killer headache but tried to get through the best I could. FLR I did 0:35, 0:35, 0:26. B1: 20# with 8/leg but only did two rounds here, had some really bad knee pain. Sore still from last week and from yesterdays 14.3. B2: 1: L: 0:25, R: 3 x to get to 0:25. As much as I want to be able to do the full side plank I had to put my ego aside and go to elbows and knees. 2: L: 0:45, R: 0:43. 3: L/R same time 0:35.
Here are my 20 Sets of AD from yesterday
1: 68      2: 58      3: 62      4: 59      5: 57
6: 56      7: 63      8: 54      9: 54     10: 59
11: 69   12: 65     13: 51    14: 70    15: 58
16: 68   17: 61     18: 57    19: 54     20: 71
Day 8
A1: Goblet Squat 50×1, 10-12 x3
A2: Single-Leg Bridge @11×5, 10-12/side x3
B1: Suitcase DL @50×1, 8-10/side x3
B2: Birddog @2122 8-10/side x3
C1: 1 Arm DB PP @50×1 8-10/arm no rest b/t arms x3
C2: Bear Crawl 60 sec. x3
8 Sets
10 Sec AD Max Effort Cal.
2:30 rest walk
A1/A2: I started out a little light on these and then was able to build up in weight each time. 1: 25# x12, 2: 30# x11, 3: 35# x10. The Bridge I kept getting cramps in my left leg, but was able to push through and do 12 each time for all three rounds.
B1/B2: I went heavy and may have even been able to go a little heavier but wanted to make sure I stayed at tempo. I met 2 POOD today. Only was able to do 8/side for each round, but BirdDog I did 10, 10, 12.
C1/C2: Always harder than you think, at tempo these were tough. Each round I only did 8/arm but did increase the weight each time. I did 15#, 20#, and then 25#. The bear crawl I was flew out the first two rounds like I was chasing dinner and then the final set I just crawled slowly up and down the driveway.
8 Sets ME Cal.
1: 4     5: 7
2: 6     6: 7
3: 6     7: 6
4: 6     8: 7


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