Day by day, breath by breath, rep by rep. Each day I am stronger than the day before.

I haven’t been sleeping well at night the last few nights and it is starting to wear on me. Since I move so quickly I have a lot on my mind, plus I have been trying to study for my upcoming classes, all the while looking for a place to live while I am 2500 miles away. My mind is racing and I haven’t been able to turn it off. I have tried magnesium, lavender oils, and hot baths, I still am having problems getting to sleep. Last night I tried staying up later, but that didn’t work either because then I just laid in bed longer. I am sleeping about 5-6 hours a night which is making getting up early hard, but I am doing it! =)

Day 9
A1: Row 60 sec easy
A2: Plank accumulate 60 sec.
A3: DBL FR KB Walk AHAP 60 Sec.
A4: AD 60 sec.
A5: Side Plank accumulate 60 sec/side
A6: FW AHAP 60 sec.
A7: Bear Crawl 60 sec.
A8: WW AHAP 60 sec.

The rows felt pretty good, I did them for warm-up too. This is what they looked liked for the three – four rounds: 217m, 215m, 215m.
A2: Each round it took me three times to get to 60 sec. Round 1: 30+15+15; Round 2: 15+15+25+5; and Round 3: 25+15+20.
A3: I started out the first round with 30# and then the last two rounds I did at 35# pounds. I had to put them on a high box and then squat down under the handles to get them up into the FR position. The last round I had to split the 60 sec in half but I got it all done.
A5: What is it with Wednesday and tears and side planks. I was so frustrated with myself on these again today. I watched the video and didn’t want to have to do it that way, but in order to accumulate the time that is what I did. Round 1 (knee/elbow): L: 0:20+0:20+0:15 R: 0:22+0:10+0:10+0:08. For rounds two and three I went with knee and straight-arm,
hips up. Round 2: L: 0:30+0:30, R: 0:10+0:20+0:30. Round 3: L: 0:25+0:20+0:15, R: 0:35+0:25.
A6: Mr. 1.5 POOD and I decided to do FW together today for all three rounds. I was able to carry them the whole time, till my grip slipped out and he fell and hit his head, lol!
A7: Minus my blonde moment, these all went well…the last round it looked like we had actual bear tracks going down the middle of the box floor. See..heheh.
A8: WW on round I started these at 25# but was having a hard time locking out so for the rest of the rounds I did 15#. I was able to walk the entire 60sec. locked out with them at 15#.

Ended with a bunch of mobility! I am just sore, but the foam roller seems to be helping. I try to do that at home too in the evenings before I go to bed or while I sit and read.


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