The little things…plus my new coaches!



” A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. ” –Joyce Meyer

On Friday I did my usual warm-up plus some mobility and then tackled what I could do of 14.4 and that was the row. Rowing is one of the things I like to do and because of my long legs is something I can excel at, which is always a bonus. I didn’t want to kill myself on the row because I knew I still had a full day of programming to do, but I wanted to do well. PR city baby, I ended up rowing 61 calories which was just 55m over 1K in 4:40. Then I started into my day of programming and was having some annoying pain in my inner left hip. After the first round I took my prescribed break I went up in weight thinking that maybe I was just a little tight. Yikes that pain became a stabbing pain and bring me to tears, for me that is a lot because I pretty high pain tolerance level. After moving away from that motion I tried to do what I could on that day and it was just getting worse. I was hunched over the lifting box in tears; I decided it was time to leave for the day.

After seeing my chiropractor, some stretching, a lot of ice, and some Advil the pain is a little better, at least it isn’t a stabbing pain like it was Friday morning. It’s not an easy place to reach, but I found that if I lay on a softball or lacrosse ball it helps a little although very painful. Today I tired to do some of my programming and was able to get through half of it.

Day 12
A1: Suitcase Carry; 100 meters/arm AHAP; Rest 60 seconds/side
A2: Bodyweight Glute Bridge @11×5 ; 10-12or max quality reps; Rest 60 sec.
A3: 1-arm waiter’s walk; 100 meters/arm AHAP; Rest 60 seconds
A4: Side plank w/ clamshell; 8-10/side OR max quality reps/side; Rest 60 seconds
A5: KB Cross Carry; 100 meters/side AHAP; Rest 60 seconds
A6. Airdyne; 60 seconds easy pace; Rest 60 seconds

I started off the morning with an hour of warm yoga; some of the movements hurt, but it was a good hurt. I need to add this in at least once a week-I am really tight.
Round 1: SC I started off right away with 44#s and it felt okay. Glute bridges we did in yoga and I was able to do 20. Waiter Walk and KB Cross carry were fine on the right side, but painful on the left side so after the first round I didn’t continue them. Clamshell I was able to do 10 on each side, they were a bit challenging but I didn’t feel pain. AD didn’t cause pain at all.

Round 2: SC I went up to 53#, the left side was more painful especially when I had to pick it up a couple of times on the way back into the box. Bridges I was able to do 40. Again the clamshell I did 10 on each side but I had to break them up on the left because I was getting discomfort in my hip. Again the AD was okay.

Instead of doing rounds 3/4 because I was having more discomfort and wanted to progress instead do more harm, I did 30 minutes of AD at a light pace (125 calories) and did 50 glute bridges. After I got on this textured looking softball and did some mobility with that and a foam roller.

It is the little things that make me smile; this past week I got to take the knowledge I learned at the OPT Nutrition Module and share it with a coach for his client. He told me today that his client is down 4 pounds already with this new plan that I gave to him, which makes me so happy and gives me further confirmation this new chapter is where I should be going. I’ve always been one of those people who gets caught up in the numbers and today I snuck on the scale, I am down 8 pounds in two weeks! My coaches provide the tools, but I learning that me doing the work is what gets the results.

I’ve had several people ask me who are my new coaches and what am I doing. They see me working hard and looking more amazing each time they see me. It doesn’t matter what level of athlete you are, if you are in a plateau or maybe just need that extra push I fully believe in getting your fitness/Crossfit customized to your needs as an individual. OPT (Optimum Performance Training) is located in Scottsdale, AZ. International Center for Fitness (ICF), powered by OPT, offers program design, personal training, lifestyle/nutrition and exercise consultation, athlete camps/testing, education and training, Coaching Certification Program and more.  They work with people and athletes of all levels and abilities – they have something for everyone! The Coaching program Level 1 is what I am in the process of obtaining!! =) Whether you have small goals or big goals or are a learning nerd like me, I highly recommend OPT!

My new coaches are Mike L and Jason P from OPT. Mike does all my Crossfit/fitness programming and Jason is there to keep in line with my Nutrition which isn’t always an easy task, but since taking the Nutrition Level 1 Module I am more aware of what my body needs and how I should be eating. Confession: since I have more than doubled my protein intake I am feeling more energized and less tempted by the things I love most! Preparation, planning, educating yourself, and having the support of amazing coaches makes my journey more awesome everyday. Even though I am sore and gripe from time to time taking things a day at a time and doing my best is what is the important factor!

Get yourself a coach! You deserve it and so does your body.



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