Stronger Each Day: 3-24-14


” Stronger each day, taking a day at a time and learning to see the positive in everything” -Me

Day 13
10 sets
30 seconds Airdyne 90%
30 seconds Airdyne easy spin
-All RPMs the same
A1. Barbell RDL @50×1; 8-10×3; Rest 15 seconds
A2. Side Plank; Max hold x3 sets; Rest 60 seconds
B1. Forward lunge to overhead press; 8-10/leg x3; Rest 15 seconds
B2. Regular Plank; Max hold x3; Rest 60 seconds
C1. DB step ups; 12-15/leg x3; Rest 15 seconds
C2. Straight leg sit up; 8-10/side x3; Rest 60 seconds
20 sets
30 seconds Airdyne – moderate effort
30 seconds speed walk
record RPMs for all sets, stay consistent

AD: 90% was 75 RPMs and Easy was 31 PRMs. These guys burned very early. I am not sure if I didn’t warm up enough or if that was the plan. It took some mental toughness to get through this early, I am much of a routine gal and this was a new twist to the program. It got my body and my mind engaged ASAP.

A1: I was excited to have graduate back to the barbell, I can get to a much higher weight and at tempo when using the barbell. For the first two rounds I did 10, first at 105#, then at 115#. For the last set I did 8 x125#.

A2: It’s about progress, not perfection and I am seeing progress on the side planks. Each round I had the knee bent under the straight leg. Round 1 I did straight-arm and I held for 60 seconds each side, round 2 I went down to the elbow and got 0:33 on the left and 0:31 on the right, and the final round I did the elbow again and got 30 seconds on each side.

B1: I know the video showed the movements in DBs, but last time I was able to lunge as far forward because I struggled keeping the DBs up, so I used a barbell today. The first round I used just the 35# bar and did 10/leg. For rounds 2 and 3, I did 45#s and did 8/leg and I tried to work on keeping my chest up, elbows in a solid FR position, and pushing back off of my heels. I probably should have worn my lifters for these because they give me a little more stabilization, but I did okay. I sent you the video clip.

B2: My planks were as follows; 0:31, 0:47, 0:55.

C1: These guys gave me some issues today. I started with the 20″ box and 15# DBs and was having Achilles pain when stepping down on the left. So, I went to the 16″ box and stayed with the 15# DBs and was still having some pain in the left and some discomfort in my hip on the right. So the last round I just did no DBs and kept with the step-ups. I was pretty tired by this point; only slept 4.5 hours and it was starting to wear on me. Each round I did 12/leg.

C2: After watching the video I realized that this movement is very much like the beginning movement of the TGU. I was able to do 10/side. I didn’t use any weight here, just worked on keeping my arm locked out and straight up which seems to be part of the TGU that I struggle with.


20 Sets

68, 64, 58, 61, 56, 51, 61, 57, 60, 62, 60, 60, 65, 65, 69, 64, 60, 60, 67, 68.

I am trying not to stress about what is on my plate, trying to work on getting quality sleep but I am having a hard time turning off my brain at night. Tonight I fell asleep at 7:30pm and then woke up at 9:45pm. I am trying not to lay in bed and just get on my phone, but get out of bed and study or type my blog. =) Each day I am feeling stronger, today was one of the first days it didn’t hurt to sit down or walk up and down the stairs at my house.

Looking forward to getting back to OPT to get on Inbody. I am taking what you said and putting into play and it seems to really be helping. A friend said to me today, that she noticed a difference in my outlook and my zest for life. I am super excited to start my new chapter out in AZ and my family, all of them have really embraced this move and are equally excited for me which is huge! My dad is actually going to fly out to AZ to see me, see my new place, and spend some time before he has to get back for his double knee replacement surgery.

See you in a week!


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