CrossFit on the road


I will keep my promises to myself even if it means sacrificing time, sleep, and a little fun. A pivotal moment in my training happened for me yesterday. Moving is stressful and Wednesday I packed my condo all day and the days prior I hadn’t been sleeping more than 4-5 hours a night and I was slowly cracking under pressure. My coach gave me a day off Wednesday, which was much needed. Thursday I flew all day and had a three hour time change, but I promised myself I would go workout. Despite my exhaustion I dropped my bags in my room, changed my clothes and headed over to my hotel gym, which was a huge turning point for me.

Thursday at Hotel Gym
C1: 1-arm DB push press @50×1; 8-10/arm no rest b/t arms
Note: I did 15# x 10/arm for all 3 rounds.

C2: push up from squat racks @2020; 8-10. X3
Note: I did 10 each round

A1: Plate overhead walk for 60 sec. X3
Note: I did 35# each time, it to self when low lights do outside.
I sacrificed a light bulb from their low hanging lights. 😦

A2: Side Plank accumulate 60 seconds x3
1: L: 0:50+0:10 R: 0:60
2: L: 0:30+0:30 R: 0:40+0:20
3: L: 0:30+0:30 R: 0:45+0:15

A2: Straight Leg Sit-Up 10-12/side x3
Note: Did 12/side all 3 rounds

B2: FLR accumulate 60 sec. X3
Note: all three rounds I went 0:15×4, I was pretty exhausted by
then, it was way past midnight.

B3: JJ 40×3 ended my Thursday.

Friday morning I got up bright and early and thought I’d walk to the CrossFit box where my class was this weekend; well in Vegas it might look close on the map but it’s really not. It’s even more of a cardio workout when you ‘re carrying around a 15 pound bag for 8 miles. Somehow  mapquest gave me wrong walking directions and I walked about 3 miles out of my way. Then to find out they only allow guests to do their classes. So, off to Whole Foods another mile or so for breakfast. Long and short I ended up getting a rental car and then heading to CrossFit 702 to try to get caught up on programming for the week. I feel like a mouse chasing after the cheese but never being able to get all he cheese with this weeks programming, traveling, and moving stress.

Fridays Work
What I still owed I did as a warm up today 20 Sets of AD; 30 sec at 75%, 30 sec rest A1: Barbell GM @31×1 10-12 x3 R1: 35# x 12
R2: 35# x 12
R3: 55# x 10

B1: Barbell GB @11×5; 12-15 x3
R1: 35# x 15
R2: 55# x 15
R3: 55# x 15

C1: DB Ext Rot @30×1 8-10/side x3
C2: Powell Raise @30×1 8-10/side x3
Notes: for both of these I did 10#s x10 for rounds 1/2.
For Round 3 I did 8 each for 1/2 and both arms. I didn’t have to help my
left arm this time, but after 6 for the ext rot I had to fight for them.

A1: Paused Goblet Squat @32×1 12-15 x3
A2: Ring Rows @1113 8-10 x3
Notes: I am not sure if an change in elevation from FL to here or my 8 miles I walked this morning, but I was fading fast. The GS you said per arm, but I am thinking that was a typo. For the RR I was able to do 10 each time for all 3 rounds. Round 1 of GS I did 18# x 12, Rounds 2/3 I did 26# x 14, and 26# x 15.

B1: DB Step-Ups 10-12/leg x3
B2: 1-arm DB row @21×2 10-12/arm
Notes: on the DB SU, 20# x12, 25# x 10 for rounds 2/3.
DB rows: 25# x 12 for rounds 1/2, 30# x 10 for round 3.


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