No Foolin’ 4-1-2014

After a long weekend and no rest day last weekend, I faced a grueling workout and there was no fooling about it! I learned so much from Level 1 CrossFit certification course, but never imaged that I’d be so sore from PVC pipe movements and the WODs from that weekend.


Day 19

10 Sets of AD
30 seconds @90%
30 seconds easy
All RPMs the same
Death March KB
12 steps x3 moderate weight
rest 0:15 b/t sets
A1: DB RDL @32x1, 8-10 rest 0:15
A2: Side Plank Max Hold rest 0:60
B1: W/L Plate Overhead; 8-10/leg rest 0:15 (AHAP)
B2: FLR Max Hold, rest 0:60
C1: DB Cross Over Step Ups, 12-15/leg rest 0:15
C2: Straight Leg Sit Up 8-10/side; rest 0:15
20 Sets Rowing
30 seconds row
30 seconds rest walk

AD: The assault bike is so much harder and more painful 
than the old fashioned Air Dyne. I found I wasn't able to get
as high as numbers for my 90% and easy was much lower than 
I expected it to be. My 90% was 60RPMs and my easy was 20 

Death March:
I might have been able to go a little heavier with these 
but, I found myself slowing down the gait of my walk with the
heavier weight. Since I was concentrating on getting the 
video down I didn't record the weight for this movement.m
I believe it was 24# each, but I am not sure.

A1/A2: The DL I used 35#s for each of the three rounds as 
well as doing 10 and 9 reps for the rounds. My planks are getting 
stronger in the modified form of straight arm and bottom knee
bent. Here's what they looked like: 1: L: 0:42 R: 0:44;
2: L: 0:42 R: 0:43; 3: L: 0:34 R: 0:42.

B1/B2: Note to self, perhaps take the 5# weight onto the 25# 
weight when using the two together; it was quite comical trying
to add the 5# onto the other weight for rounds two/three. Each round I
did 8, except the second round and it was more like 7.5. My lifters would
help give me that extra heel stabilization. My feet tend to really slide around a lot in my Nanos. FLR: 0:29, 0:23, 0:21 not my best on those that day. My shoulders were sore from the weekend, but I did the best I could on them. 

C1/C2: Way to make me think and use my coordination at the same time! :) All three rounds mirrored each other 15# DBs/hand and 15/leg for C1, 10/side for C2. A little clarification for these; do you want the starting position of the TGU or do you want a more lever action of forward and back like a traditional sit up? 

20 Sets of Rowing
Although I felt like I was going to throw up while doing these, I didn't but didn't feel great for awhile afterwards either. 
Best 30/500: 1:52
Slowest 30/500m: 2:13


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