Tuesday on Wednesday, 4-2-2014


Day 20
A1: KB Cross Carry 0:60 seconds/side x3; rest 0:60
A2: Row 60 seconds easy x3 rest 0:20
A3: DBL KB FR Walk 60 seconds AHAP rest 0:20
A4: AD Mod Effort 60 seconds x3, rest 0:20
A5: Side Plank Accumulate 60 seconds x3; rest 0:20
A6: FW 60 seconds AHAP x3; rest 0:20
A7: Ring Rows Supinated 10-12; rest 0:20
A8: Plate Hug Carry 60 seconds x3; rest 0:20
10 Sets Row; 30 sec @90%, 30 sec rest walk

It was really crowded in the gym at OPT during our lunch break from Life Coaching class and I wasn't sure I would be able to get through it all
in the allotted time for break so I split it up into chunks and
tackled it that way.

A1: Rounds 1/2 I did 15#/arm making sure to keep the a
locked out position. In round three I was able to go to 20#sm but had to break it up a little more than I would have liked.
A2: rows: 234m, 233m, and 222m.
A3: A little tricky because I wasn't able to locate two KBs
that added up to a weight I could do in each arm. I used 
the 12KG KB and then added DBs each time. The rounds were 
as follows: 31#/arm; 33.5#/arm; and 36#/arm.
A4: Trying to get familiar with the Assault Bike and the spinning seats.
A5: I found with more people around I tended to push myself a little harder, for rounds 1/2 for both sides I was able to do 60 
seconds! Round 3 I was close but just couldn't hold it for 
0:60-I was shaking so much my arms gave out on me both 
times. L: 0:48+0:12 R: 0:47+0:13.
A6: For the FW it was fun to have a break down of the higher 
weights of KB to choose from. Round 1 I started with 54#
in each hand, then rounds 2/3 I moved up to 62#s.
A7: Supinated ring rows are a little bit more difficult,
I did 10 each round but, broke them up into 5 and 5. 
A8: I had to laugh at. Unselfish on these, I picked up the 25
pound plate and quickly realized that it was too light and it would be a waste of 60 seconds to carry it around the box. So to the 45# 
plate I went. I added the 15# plate for round 2, after 
exchanged that for a 25# plate for round three.
Rowing: I had a hard time keeping my pace the same on the 
rows, I blew out of the gate so fast at 1:40/500m in the first set.
2/3/5/6/8/9 were all in the 1:50s/500m. Set 7 was 1:33/500m, and 
set 4 was 1:49/500m.

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