Routine..and more


It takes two weeks of doing the sane thing over and over again to make it a habit. I am a routine girl and always have been. These last few weeks between traveling and moving across country my routine has gone astray. I’m sooo looking forward to establishing my routine again this week. As I keep my eyes focused on obtaining an assistant coaching position, my routine is going to be get up early to study, work on my business, job hunting, a light breakfast, then workout in the afternoon until it gets too hot..then that time may have to change.

This last week my mom was in town and told me some things I wished I had known many years ago. I learned at an early age I was adopted. I never really knew many of the details. This last week she told me that I was a miracle baby because I was born with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and was in NICU for awhile. I was really angry with her for not sharing this info with me earlier.

The last few years I’ve struggled to find the real me, life has been rough for me and through my searching I embraced a great change. Though I still wondered why my life was harder than others growing up, I didn’t lack for material things I lacked emotional security and completeness. Going back and researching FAS a little bit the last few days, the dots started to come together. My only hope know as I journey to be a great coach, is that I can use my struggles to connect with people and have a bigger impact on their lives.

As I develop my routine again, you can bet that writing will be added back into play. I’m not sure who reads these posts, but I hope my words can help you find your inspiration to be a better you!



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