Back at it…4-21-14


Some days it is about getting in doing the work and giving your brain the workout. Today was more of a mental challenge training day for me instead of a physical. There are going to be days like that, I fought very hard today–part of me didn’t want to go and do the work and part of me did. Pushing through and overcoming that barrier was a hurdle I accomplished for the day. Was it my best work today, no…but, I did the work and got through it and no tears today at least not at the gym. =)

15 sets
30 seconds a-bike 90%
30 seconds a-bike easy spin
-All RPMs the same
A1. DB 1-leg RDL @50×1; 10-12/leg x3; Rest 60 seconds
A2. Barbell glute bridge @11×5; 10-12×3; Rest 60 seconds
A3. DB Reverse lunge; 8-10/leg x3; Rest 60 seconds
A4. Gravitron Pull up wide grip@30×1; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds
A5. Pall of Press @1113; 10-15/side x3; Rest 60 seconds
8 sets
30 seconds peak wattage a-bike
4:30 rest
– Terminate if peak wattage is 10% or less than original setNotes:
A1: I used 20# for each round. The first round I did 12 and the other two I did 10 each. I had a few form corrections to make on these, but after those were made they seemed to go more smoothly. My left is more of a balance challenge than the right, this is also the ankle with the anchors and artifical ligaments.
A2: Round 1 I started with 55# for 12, then rounds 2/3 I did 65# x 10. I think I can probably go a little heavier with these at this tempo. If I have them again this week I will try to start heavier and build.
A3: A little pattern here, I have been working on standing tall with these and using a lighter weight has helped to maintain the form and rhythm. Each round the weight stayed the same; 15#s but the reps were 8,10, and 8. Again the left side is a little more shaky than the right side, but its all about the progress.
A4: Loving the Graviton and I am seeing a little progress with these, I’ve got a long way to go for strict pull-ups, but this is better than using a multitude of bands. Round 1 I started at 210 and did 10, then I was able to decrease to 195# and did 8. The last round I decreased again to 180#, I was barely able to do 2, so I increased to 195# and did 7.
A5: Pall Press–hard but it is helping my “laundry” disappear. =) I used the purple band each time and did 10 for each round.

Assault Bike– The name says it all! Learning to get after this beast has been a new game for me. It has a greater kick than the Air Dyne…bigger devil horns for sure. The Watts went down quickly today…probably because of my poor fueling choices yesterday. 1: 530 2: 480 3: 442 I quickly lost that 10% despite my rest times. 
All in all today was more of a mental game for me than a physical game. Working on getting my focus and my “values” back in place, plus balancing a new routine is a stressor but I am taking it a day at a time. Trying to minimize the distractions in order to keep my focus at the top of my list. The plan for working out in the afternoon would be great if it wasn’t 98 degrees by 12:30PM. For sure going to embrace my “old lady” bedtime and get up early to workout!!
The really cool bonus about living here in Scottsdale is that I get to do my training on-site at OPT! On any given day you are working out with Games level athletes which are just as normal as you and me. This afternoon I had fun despite my mental battle going on in my head. We are all there for one common goal, to work hard and be awesome. 
Thank goodness each day is a new day!

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