Cardio Day: 4-23-2014



We all know the workout that don’t look that bad on paper are usually the ones that leave us gasping for air and pushing ourselves more mentally than physically. Being able to do my programming on site at OPT is fun because they have gym toys that are new to me. This week I was introduced to this machine; commonly called the Versa-Climber. Wow, if you think the Assault bike is hard, this is the new devil! It took more mental perserverance to get through that piece than the Assault bike.

20 sets
30 seconds a-bike 90%
30 seconds rest walk
– All sets same RPMs
Rest 5 minutes
20 sets
30 seconds VC 90%
30 seconds rest walk
– All sets same distance
Rest 5 minutes
20 sets
30 seconds row 90%
30 seconds rest walk
– All sets same pace

A little sore from my double workout yesterday.
A-Bike: Getting better at knowing my pace on the bike, I’ve adjusted to the feel of how it differs from a traditional Air-Dyne. My range was 55-62, average RPMS 56.75.
VC: 30 seconds was a lot more challenging than 20 seconds, but each time I tried to find my pace and push through. Range: 38-60, average was 53.95. I found it harder to set a pace for each set. Towards the end my knees and hips were sore.
Row: My pace/500 was about 15 seconds slower than usual. My pace is usually about 1:54/500. Today my range was: 1:57/500m to 2:05/500m. Average was about 2:03–I am still converting the times into seconds, I know lol I’m a dork.

On a happy note, today was the first day after a hard cardio day that I didn’t get sick. I think I might have been drinking too much water during my workouts, especially on hard cardio based days. Also taking the BCAA only before working out about 15-20 minutes before has made a difference. I did reintroduce beef back into my diet today, I wondered if I might have had an allergy to beef and that is why that protein was making me ill- we’ll see. 


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One thought on “Cardio Day: 4-23-2014

  1. Cardio is a necessary evil, huh? I love the fact that you did a cardio medley! I used to get migraines after particularly difficult sessions (sometimes still do) so it makes it so I just wanna stick with easy-medium…
    I nominated you for a Liebster award. I know I only found this blog recently, but I really enjoy it. Where or not you participate, I think you deserve the props. Keep up the good work 🙂


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