Stronger Each Day: 4-22-2014


Its such a blessing for me to have a coach to do my programming and help me to continue to strive after my goals. Today for the first time I didn’t finish something in my programming and then went and did a workout in the afternoon. It never occurred to me that I should clear the extra workout with my coach, until later that night. Lesson learned and move forward.

15 sets
30 seconds a-bike 90%
30 seconds a-bike easy spin
All RPMs the same
A1. Goblet Squat @3030; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds
A2. Barbell 1-leg glute bridge @11×5; 18-20/side x3; Rest 60 seconds
A3. Suitcase deadlift into biceps curl @3030; 8-10/side x3; Rest 60 seconds
A4. Lateral Goblet lunge @21×1; 8-10/side x3; Rest 60 seconds
A5. 1-arm DB Press @3030; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds after both arms but no rest between arms
8 sets
20 seconds a-bike peak wattage
3:30 rest/walk
15 Sets: I’m getting better at knowing where my 90% for that day and getting a little better at keeping the pace. I still have a tendency to peddle out like my ass is on fire, LOL! My 90% was 67RPMS for the sets.
A1: Each round I was able to increase. 1: 12KGx10, 2: 16KGx10, 3:20KGx8.
A2: Might have been a little too heavy, but I started at 55#s and did 18/L each round. I did have to break them up, I didn’t record the sets I broke them up into-I can next time if you want, just let me know.
A3: Started with 25#x8/arm, then increased for rounds two and three; round 2 I did 30×10, and then only did 8 for the final round.
A4: I was really frustrated with these, I have not a lot of flexbability this way I tried to get down as far as I could. 1: 10X9/side; 2: 15×10/side; 3:15×10/side.
A5: My partner in crime in the morning pushed me to go a little heavier because she needed the 25# DB. =) I was able to go up, but at the end end I had to use my right hand to help my left arm-seems to be a little weaker. What can I do to get it caught up?! 1: 30×8/side; 2: 30×9/side; 3: 30×8/side.
Bike sets at the end I didn’t complete–I will never do that again, I was so hard on myself the rest of the day over it. 
PM-I had an interview and had to do a workout for it. Lesson learned, next time I will clear it first. 
A1: Bench Press 8-10×4; rest 60 seconds
A2: Barbell Row 8-10×4; rest 90 seconds
A2: 55×10 each time
Row 800m
50 Wall Balls
50 Russian KBS
50 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
50 Push Press
Row: 4:48, not a super fast pace just a medium pace
WB: I used an 8# ball because all they had left was a 14# and I was tired from earlier in the day so I did the lighter ball with the same amount of reps. If I had to do it again, would do the heavier weight and less reps.
RKBS: Love these, I did 1.5 Pood
Push-ups: I did them from my knees-HR because not doing that makes a difference for me for some reason.
50 Ring rows instead of pull-ups.
50 Push press, I did 55#. This was really hard, I did 5 at a time.


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