Monday challenges 4-28-14

It never fails when there’s a New Moon or full moon those are the nights I struggle with sleep. The last few days I’ve been sooo tired, just giving all I could give to go workout. Since moving to a drier climate I haven’t been drinking enough water, my eyeballs at times feel like they’re glued to my eyelids or I wake up with my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth. I’ve been drinking the same amount of water I drank in Florida, but it’s just not enough. So today i tried to drink more-and will strive to drink more and more each day.

10 sets
30 seconds a-bike 90%
30 seconds a-bike easy spin
-All RPMs the same
A1. Barbell RDL @4040; 8-12×3; Rest 60 seconds
Note: 65×11, 75×9, 85×10.
A2. Barbell glute bridge @11×5; 10-12×3; Rest 60 seconds
Note: 65×11, 75×10, and 95×10.
A3. Goblet DB Step up; 8-12×3; Rest 60 seconds – HEAVY
Note: read this wrong the first round and did 40×8/leg. Then 50×9, 50×8
A4. Gravitron Pull up neutral grip@30×1; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds
195×10, 185×8, 160×8. The last two sets were split up, I wasn’t able to do 8 unbroken.
A5. Pallof Press @1113; 10-15/side x3; Rest 60 seconds
Note: first round I used the green band, then Michael suggested I switch to the thin blue, I was able to do 12/side for rounds 2/3.
8 sets
30 seconds peak wattage a-bike
4:30 rest
– Terminate if peak wattage is 10% or less than original set
This was sad and dreadful, I ended up having to terminate after the second set. My energy system was shot…

Michael really pushed me to go heavier, one of struggles is not having confidence in my own strength. He told me, that I’m stronger than I think I am, with those couple of words I got a little nudge and was able to dig deeper, push harder. I think I need to work on warming up a little more, because I feel really strong by my 2nd and 3rd round that some days I could almost do a 4th round.

Each day I am stronger than the day before, I’m continually learning that I will have good days and outstanding days. The key is being consistent, dedicated, and continuing to persevere.



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