Last night I was invaded by the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Besides nearly squishing him with my big foot, he brought a few other friends with him. Silly me I thought these guys were black/brown like our ugly Florida roaches…but nooooo they are the same freaking color of the carpet. Prior to our uninvited meeting I was just getting ready to doze off into sleepy land, the sounds of the sunshade waking the porch railing is what first drove me out of bed. Thank goodness I thought to turn on the light first, otherwise I’d not only be freaked out but in a lot of pain.

All the amounts of Lavender DoTerra oil couldn’t get me back to sleep, even tried a sleeping pill. My body was amped and of course every little thing I felt had me jumping. 4AM was the last time I looked at the clock. Then up about 0830. Had a great breakfast, did a bunch of work and then thought I’d lay down to take a nap before working out..great plan, minus the fact I woke up at 6:45. I went for a walk around my complex, had dinner, and now back to sleep at 8:30pm. I’m still edgy and I’ve been sporting my “Chucks” since 10:30pm last got it..I’m sleeping in them baby!
Apparently these awesome creatures glow with a black light so in my wide awake state I did a little online shopping and got a light and some Scorpion spray. Should be interesting camping this weekend..I’m sure I’ll be introduced to more of Arizona’s amazing and gross creatures.
Tomorrow is a big extra DoTerra oil and some Arbonne Lavender Spray and hopefully no uninvited guests!


It’s like “Where’s Waldo” they blend in…apparently the smaller the more bang for the sting!


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