Last week; Stress!!!


Last week was learning to deal with stress and trying to handle it all myself. I saw this on Pintrest and had to laugh, because I have people in my life that tell me God only gives you what you can handle…well it was a little too much last week. Stress really f@&ked up my week last week and towards the end of the week, I had to just let it go and let the pieces fall where they may.

One training last week was an “Around the World” or as I used to call it, “Recess” at the Playground. =) I did A-Bike, Crossover step ups, Ski, abmat, VS, Step ups, Row, FLR, W/L, Push-ups, and single jumps. Each station I spent 60 seconds at and then moved to the next place for 60 minutes. I had to take a few breaks in between because I wrote a hard recess for that day. Another training last week was another cardio session. 20 minutes on the A-Bike, 15 minutes of 5min. each of the row, and then 5 minutes on the Ski and VS.

Sometimes I am so hard on myself and in some thing that can be good and other ways that can just drive my stress levels through the roof. Per my coaches order I have to do something I like for at least an hour 3x/week. So on Friday I walked to the pool and relaxed, caught up on email, and enjoyed some quiet time out of the house. It was really nice. This weekend I got out and did some walking around my community.


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