New Week…5-5-14


The great things about each new day is you get a fresh start! In some ways I dread Monday and in other ways I embrace them because it is the start of a new workout routine. This week I got a nice change in my programming, adding a morning walk for 60 minutes to a few times a day and then in the afternoon doing my heavy work. It was really nice to get up this morning and go for a walk, the air was cool, and I was able to sing at the top of my lungs with my ear buds in and only the birds to look at me strange. Plus a few people passing by me. Who knew that a simple walk could clear your mind and get you ready for the day like this did.

PM Workout
A1: BB RDL@53×0, 6-8×2
A2: BB GB@11×5, 10-12×2
B1: DB Step-ups HEAVY 8-12×2
B2: Grav Wide-Grip 30×1 8-10
C: Pall Press Hold 1113 hold 60s/sidex3

A1/A2: I decided it would be easier to use the same BB and the same weight for both of these, so for round 1 I did 75×8 and 75×11. Then round 2 I did 95×8 and 95×11.
B1/B2: You said Goblet DB step ups, I did regular DB step ups with 55# each time for 8. Do you want FR with DB for these? Then the Grav I did 180×9 unbroken and then 160×10 split.
C: PP hold with the thin blue band 60s/side x3. Hard, but I did it. 

I like the afternoon training session, there is great energy in the afternoons and I find myself going heavier and pushing a little harder. =)


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