Just keep walking, walking, walking…..



The best part of this week so far has been the walks…seeing parts of the area I may not have seen because some of them you can’t get to by car! This morning I walked over to Starbucks to find that it was closed for renovations–rude! LOL! Then upon returning home I decided to walk over to the horse arena to see the riders practicing for the show this weekend. I miss the smell of horses, riding horses, and being around horses…I will for sure be spending some time over there this weekend.

This evening I walked around my community and went to print some papers for my next class I am taking in two weeks. I’ve been studying a little bit all along, but it is time to dig in and really cram. My memory is terrible and I actually learn it best the few weeks before a class than stringing it along. I am a kinesthetic learner; I learn best by writing, doing, and trying.

Go out for a walk….get some fresh air…sing at the top of your lungs!


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