Faced Fear


Fear is a Liar! 

We all have fears and some of them may be stranger than others, but hey lets face it–a fear is a fear and the best way to conquer it is to look it straight in the eye and face it. A fear I had been setting out on the mountain trails by myself and hiking the big loop. What was I afraid of? Well, I was afraid of seeing tarantulas and rattlesnakes and of getting hurt. I got up this morning and decided this would be the day to do the trail..I took not quite enough water and headed off on my way.

The trail from the beginning looked simple, but it quickly started going up at a gradual incline. Some parts were more challenging than others. I am not sure how people bike up the trail. At times I felt like a mule carrying my pack up a long steep mountain slow and steady. One foot in front of the other I slowly made my way up the halfway point, Gateway Saddle about 2300 ft above sea level-quite the jump from Naples, FL at the highest point being 13 ft. I learned today that I can do what I set my mind out to do-it might be hard and it might hurt, but it did feel good to face that fear today. I ended up going 4.5 miles in 2 hours and 54 minutes, next time I will have better shoes…Reebok Nanos aren’t made for rocky trails.

PM Training
BB RDL@53×0;6-8×2 Rest 0:60
A2: BB GB@11×5; 10-12×2 Rest 0:60
B1: Overhead DB Step-ups 8-12×2 Heavy and locked out at elbow
B2: Gravitron Pull Up neutral grip@30×1 8-10 x2
C: Side plank accum 90 seconds.


A1/A2: I decided to push myself on the BBGB today and use the same bar as the RDL for the GB. For the first set I did 95×7 and then 105×8 for the RDL. The GB I did 95×11 and then 105×10. I was pretty sore from the hike I did today too, that was 4.5 miles and almost 3 hours. I did the Saddle trail plus a little extra because I wasn’t paying attention and went partially down the Bell trail before I realized I was going the wrong way. My big toes are sore tonight, then more tired I got the more I started tripping on rocks-although I never fell.

B1/B2: The step ups I struggled a little bit with, I did 15/20 pounds for 8 for the first set and then back to 15 and 8 for the last set. I was having a tingly sensation in my left shoulder. I started having it when I was on the hike too. I am not sure if catching myself from falling while hiking or if I got stung by something. It doesn’t hurt it just kind of tingly like muscles are firing or something. It feels like I used a TENs unit and left it on too long…lol! Then the Grav I got a little excited while doing these–starting to see muscles pop out while I workout…haven’t seen them for a long time under my “laundry”. I did 165×8 split for each set.

The planks…I did a combination of on my knee/elbow to elbow/straight leg to straight-arm/leg. On my left the lowest was 0:03 to 0:20 for a combination of 90. Then on my right side the lowest was 0:03 to 0:17 for a combination of 90. I have the paper if you want to see it.

All in all it was a solid day and a great start to the week! I am sure I will be sore later and again this week. I stopped at Tom Thumb for a great breakfast, then took a little nap. I am plugging through the program design videos and getting ready for this weekend. It’s interesting to learn more about how maybe you configure my programming. Tons to learn but it is part of the process.


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