A Day at a Time


It’s so easy to get caught up with goals, hopes, and the busyness of the world and forget to focus on each day of the journey. For me I can have a castle built, when the goal was just to have a small place. I know “Dream Big” is a great quote, but for some sometimes those dreams and hope overtake my world and I forget to focus on the steps of the journey and lose focus. I am thankful for the coaches around me to help me keep my eyes focused on my goals and helping to see if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, then step by step and day by day I will reach my goals.

6-2-14 Training
A1: BBGM @4140, 6-8 x2
A2: BBGB @11X5, 10-12x2
B!: DBL KB FR SU, 8-12x2
B2: GPU NTRL @30X1, 8-12x2
C: SP 110s per side
D: P-Up, Rck @4040 Max Effort
Max S-Up 4 Min

A1/2: Extended warm-up, I built to the weight I started with A1: 75 x 9 (didn't read it carefully) A2: 85 x 12. For set 2 for both I did 105# and max reps 8 and 12. 

B1/2: After adjusting the position on these I could have gone heavier, but now I know for next time. B1: 26/ea x 9, 35/ea x 10 B2: 195 x 10, 185 x10, but had to do the last 3 assisted with my foot to give me a little assistance at the middle-top. 

C: Getting better, some of them I did from my elbow, with a knee out and then the other half on each sides I used a straight arm. Using the straight arm actually hurts my shoulder more. 

D: Ugh, my palms hurt here more than my shoulders--I was so mad because I could have done more if I didn't get shooting pain in my hands. I rested 90 seconds put my KB wristgaurds on my hands, but that didn't work either. Boo..
I did 85 in the 4 minutes. I tried to pace myself through these and pushed hard at the end. 

6-3-14 Training
45 Minutes A-Bike, every 5 minutes BS.

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