Wants and Needs


Sitting here in my quiet apartment watching the sun set over the mountains I started to reflect and take notice of my wants and needs and how they’ve changed in just a few short months. Typical Saturday night in Naples would have been going out to downtown or the Mercato, going dancing or having some adult fun. I had a lot of wants that were the majority materialist. I had to keep up, fit it to feel happy. My needs were pretty much taken care of, but my wants greatly outweighed them.

Since moving I’ve gotten more focused on my goals, I’m learning to sacrifice wants that distract me from my goals. Yes, there are times when I don’t make good choices that step in the way of my goal, but they are much fewer here. I’m more content staying in-I actually like it more than I probably should. Being around people energizes me, but I’m content being at home reading on the couch.

Reflecting on the week:
I did great! Minus I overslept today and didn’t get my workout in. I’m exhausted, working 50 hours in a week is tiring. Especially being on your feet. I know I won’t have many weeks like this. I ate clean and low-carb, I tried to get the sleep I needed, and wrote a quote on my mirror to help encourage me each morning.

I’m moving into a small apartment to better fit my needs, this is big for me because I’ve always lived by my wants when it came to my living space. I’m looking forward to adding some quotes on the walls and giving it some rustic charm.

A need I have to work on more effectively is getting my water in. I feel like all I do is drink water, yet I feel dehydrated. I’ve been drinking half my body weight in water-but at times I’m still feeling thirsty.

Did you keep your goals this week? Customized programming helps significantly, check out OPT Scottsdale-tell ’em you read it on Julie’s blog.

Be well!


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