You don’t know till you try


It started with a simple question, “Do I go with the high box and a little bit lighter weight?!” In the process I’ve learned the correct way to get double kettlebells up for a heavy front rack..then trying to step on the high box-nope no dice. Then I went down to double 35s and the high box, nope no dice again. A coach challenged me to see if I could do it-I took the challenge. I was able to lift the heavy Dbl KBs but wasn’t able to climb onto the high box with them. But, I tried and it gave me drive to get there. Instead I took the 35s over to the lower box and did my reps. Then for the next round I made friends with the 44# monsters and did step ups with them. Although it burned and was heavy and really sucked-I did it!

I feel really good about today, I walked 3 miles this morning and then had a solid day today in the gym. It seems like about every 3-4 months I go through a rough month where I lose all hope in myself, but through that slump I always come back stronger on the other side of the slump. Not quite sure why that is, but this time my slump wasn’t as bad. But, I also reached out and talked with a coach to open up about how I was feeling-I noticed my signs and did good for me.

You may not understand my journey, that’s why we each have our own. Each journey may have similar traits, but in the end it’s their own.



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