Being Aware


I am becoming more and more aware each week of my fears and how they are holding me back. Last night I wrote about my weaknesses and it really felt good to sort of let go through the dancing of my fingers across the keyboard. As I laid down to go to sleep last night I couldn’t help but think of what is holding me back and it was almost like something nudged me and said your fears are holding you back. I lived in fear a long time, there are many very personal things that have kept me fearful or had some sort of hold of fear over me.

This morning I opened my bible for the first time in awhile for some quiet time. I opened to read this verse: James 1: 3 because you know that these troubles test your faith, and this will give you patience. I read the header for this section and it is called Faith and Wisdom. Even though I say I have faith, I don’t always take it to heart and I know I need to in order to give my fears the boot.



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