Catch up and 6-23


I’ve been taking pictures of my workouts and then directly emailing them to my coach, but I’ve missed writing and decomposing my workouts so a little catch up today.

I am not sure what date this one was:

photo 2

A1: Frankenstein Arms and Front Squats was a new movement for me to get used to. The first day I started them, I used the PVC pipe and one of the coaches asked me what I was doing-get a barbell. So I did a few and warmed up, then straight to 55 and then 60, which was a lot rougher. I have to get back to pushing through to get that last rep again.

A2: Glute bridge…love them.. but, hey coach! My jeans don’t fit my newly firmed up ass…lol!

B1/B2: Single leg movements continue to be a weakness that I am working through. Some days I slam the weight on the ground and walk around mad at myself, but I always come back and finish.

The last time I did 50 walking lunges for time, I did it in 2:42 and that was without the 3 burpees every 60 seconds. =) I’ve got to get back to writing my workout in my little journal-technology is great, but I miss the tactile reminder of what I did the day before or what weight to start at.


photo 3

I fell in love with Snatch Grip RDLs today! I went from 85-115 pounds at tempo, I still could have probably gone a little heavier. My grip gave out before my strength did. I also might have had my arms a little too wide on the Snatch grip.


photo 4

RFESS, I did from the bench-I didn’t realize the new toy was for Split squats. I will use it next time I get these buggers. For the plank plate transfers, I did from elbows and knees, but my feet off the floor. I tried with one leg back and my balance is no bueno I tipped over, lol.

Today, 6-23

photo 5

I still don’t know my own strength and this is where my handy-dandy book would come back into play. I was pretty mad at myself, I should have gone heavier than 115 for A1. Part of this is fear and mental too, I held myself back instead of pushing myself to go heavier. But I did step up the second set up and hit another PR, 130×4 at tempo! The shoes make a difference, hahah.. I had a total non focusing blonde moment on the GBs I couldn’t remember which leg I did on the second set, I am pretty much I did both of the same legs.

The side bridges, I must have crappy form on the left because these hurt my shoulder. I am not sure if I have my arm out to far or if I need to go down to my elbow. The end was hard, but I got 103 in 4 minutes-I was happy with that. I haven’t been using the abmat except the last few times. My back feels better without the mat–is it okay if I don’t use it?



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