I’ve got booty problems…but its a good thing! It’s like my butt got a lift…it is looking really nice, but I can no longer wear my jeans, capris, or any other straight pant that doesn’t have any stretch in it. Thank goodness for a-line skirts and maxi dresses! I am only slightly complaining–so who wants to take me shopping. LOL! Where am I ever going to be able to find pants that fit.

6-23-14 PM Training
A1: Front Squats @51×1; 4-6 x2 r30
A2: BB GB @11×5; 6-8 x2 r 30
B1: DBL KB FR RFESS #30×1 6-8/s x2 r30
B2: SL DB RDL @4040; 5-7/s x2 r30
C: Plank plates w/3 plates 7/side r 30
3 minutes step ups 20″ box
Notes: A1: I felt like a kid at Christmas! I love squatting and seeing in my RX was exciting. A1: 85×6, 105×4. My 1RM for Front squats is 100#s, looks like that has changed and another PR for the week! Love it! A2: 105×7, 105×6 I probably should have gone a little heavier on the Glute Brides but, my hip is just starting to feel great again and I didn’t want to push it. B1: The new equipment makes a big difference here on the RFESS. I got to 5 each time before I lost balance with the FR holds–progress. I did 5 pounds the first time and 10 pounds the second time both in the front rack position. B2: I wore my lifters today and the stability I get from them on these made enough of a difference I wasn’t toppling over each time and was able to do 25×6/s x2. C: A little confusion still here. I took 3 5 pound plats and transferred them back and forth 7 times for 4 rounds. Minus the sweat, slipper weights, and smashed fingers…this wasn’t so bad. It made getting through the plants a little more bearable. + 3 minute test: I did push off my thighs for most of the 3 minutes–my legs were on fire…but I did 45. After laying on the floor–one of the coaches suggested I ride the A-Bike for a little bit, so I did 5 minutes. Followed with a post workout roll withe prickly roller.

This week I upped my water consumption to a gallon and a day and I am really surprised at the difference that is makes in my energy levels. Yes, I still get tired-but I am not feeling like I am gasping for air. I have tears again in my eyes and wake up without having to peel my tongue off the roof of my mouth, lol! Drink water!!


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