Running on fumes


My favorite subject in elementary school was recess, in the gym those are usually some of the mindless fun days. Today, not so much. As I lay here on the couch trying to recall the workout, I don’t see much of anything I did differently or why I felt so winded. Stress has been a big factor in past weeks, but despite a more than usual stressful day–I’ve been keeping relatively calm.

Training: 60 minutes, 60 sec each;
Assault Bike
Jump Rope
Bear crawl

Whatever it was today, this was more taxing on me. I took longer breaks, spent more time on the Assault bike at different times. I just wasn’t able to relax into the workout today-that really bugs me. So, a little earlier to bed tonight to give my body a little more rest and recovery.

On a fun note-I used my new jump rope from HumanX gear. It’s really nice-makes jumping feel a little less harder.



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