Haha, there is the teacher in me–today is the 7th day of the month and the 7th month of the year, which equals the year.

A1: started at 105 for 9, then 135 for 8–which is another PR by 30 pounds. I love that I am getting stronger and seeing it more and more in my workouts.
A2: I could have done heavier than 35# but did 15 each time.
B1: Still struggling with my balance, but the new contraption for these really helps. I ended up not being able to get through all of them even without weights, I split them up due to extreme discomfort and loss of balance.
B2: good–8 each time.
C: I did them from my knees. I held 60 for the first set and then the rest of them were pretty much even. My arms were starting to feel smoked so I just tried to focus on my breathing to get through.
D: I stayed consistent from set to set; all of them between 29-35
4 Sets: 63, 80, 89, 82. It was in set three where I whacked my foot on the box when bounding up, although it startled me–I pushed through and kept going. Keeping track of the numbers or time is often a good motivator for me because I want to see how many I can get. The breaks in between really helped me to get an adequate amount of rest to push on to the next set.

I find myself being more focused while doing the workout and only beating myself up sometimes before. I have challenged myself to work on my self-confidence and trying to rebuild it. Baby steps…


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