While my steps forward lately have been the size of ants, they are still all positive and towards a greater good. About a month ago I went to the Center for Biological Medicine and discovered my hormones are all out of whack. Luckily with the help of the doc and my coach I am able to get my body back on track. Today was the next chapter on my journey as I continue to learn and grow and do what is best for me.


1K Row easy
3 Rounds: 10AS 10PU from rack

A1: BS @2010 85% of 1RM x10–105, 115, 120
A2: DB BP @2010 x12–25 each set
A3: 45s FLR

B1: W/L 30 R30
B2: Prone Row 12 R30–35,45, 50
B3: 15 Cal Row R120– :54, :56, :55

A: BS felt really good, I probably could have gone heavier if I wasn’t so tired from traveling. I based it off my 1RM at a 30×1 in December of ’13 which was 155#. BP I didn’t go up in weight because I struggled each time to get the whole 12 with 25 pounds. FLRs I had to split the time into smaller chunks but didn’t track the chunks.

B: Took a step at a time, yeah they sucked but I pushed through. The PR was good, still getting used to that movement. I like the burner at the end.
Tuesday morning: I feel like a truck ran me over really sore all over today. I’ll see how I feel in the afternoon. I’ll do 90 minutes of Z1 swimming today.


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