What I learned from the CrossFit Games 2014


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the CrossFit games as an Ambassador for HumanX Gear. For the last few years I have been involved with the sport I had only the opportunity to watch on TV, so going to see it live was an incredible experience. Now that I live just a state over from CA made traveling to the event that much sweeter. While the trip was short and packed full of lots of awesome experiences, it also opened my eyes up to the sport even more.

With any trip you have moments that make you laugh at yourself. A few things I learned for next year:

  • Pack light and bring layers–it gets cold in CA at night.
  • There is no need to carry a 40 pound duffel bag of stuff around all day.
  • Even though it is super hot, always wear comfortable shoes and not sandals.
  • Take a digital camera to take high quality pictures, so you don’t have to charge your phone multiple times a day.
  • Bring a large empty backpack and take it to the car once it is full…you get tons of free stuff.
  • Take a week off and go for the whole duration of the games, too much to see and do for only a short weekend.
  • Book your room when you buy your tickets. =)

Now, for the meaningful things I took away from the Games:


No matter what you ability you can do CrossFit! I had the awesome opportunity to meet these amazing guys. Both of them have prothetic limbs but still can overhead squat impressive weights. There is always a way to scale a movement to best fit your ability and allow all people to do functional fitness.



Always dig deep and fight to the end on each workout you do. I had the chance to watch my friends Lauren & Talayna give it all they had each workout. Seeing them fight so hard through her biggest feats showed me that I too can fight harder and push myself too. No fear..you can do anything you put your mind to. When you get those grinders, you have to dig deep and push through the pain.


I am stronger than I think I am and I need to push the envelope more each day on my training days. I was really intimidated by this 176# KettleBell, but was able to pick it up and even do a few swings with it-Russian style of course.


This year was such a blessing to be able to go and be surrounded by so many fit people. In some ways I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I am not at my goal and I was just feeling really self-conscious. But, through some reading of positive phrases and reminding myself I am a work in progress–I have come a long way…and it is about progress.




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