8-1-14 AM/PM

It’s been so ungodly hot here I did my 90 minutes of Z1 inside on the Watt Bike. This morning I rode for an hour and did 24,008M, I’m not sure what hurt worse my legs or my ass. Then this afternoon I did 30 minutes and biked 13,971 and got a good sweat on! It makes me want to get a bike and ride more places. After a little math I calculated I biked over 37,000m about 24 miles.

This afternoon after my short bike ride I worked on my headstands. I’m able to do them against my couch, but it kind of hurts when I flop over the back of it. I was able to kick up a few times and hold for a few seconds. Not such a pretty sight between my ugly legs and the ungracefulness but it’s a start. My August goal is to get 1 handstand and lose 10 pounds. What’s your goal for the month?

My handstand picture–perhaps a bad day to wear a tennis skirt to workout in. πŸ˜‰



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One thought on “8-1-14 AM/PM

  1. great goals! July I decided I was going to commit to “get upside-down” every time I went to the gym. My problem was fear… but after a month of doing it over and over, it doesn’t scare me anymore πŸ™‚ One day I’ll get a handstand push-up…


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