Love PR Mondays! AM & PM 8-4

Start the week strong!

Rocked Monday out of the ballpark again! Proving that consistent sleep, eating, and getting my hormones back in check all makes a difference. The last few days I have been feeling really great! Better than I have in awhile.

AM Training:
A1: BS @2010 x10: 110, 130 (5+5), 130, 132.5 (9) {Need bailing practice}
A2: DB BP @2010 x10: 25, 25, 30, 30
A3: 45s FLRs (From knees, hold for whole 45s)

B1: Goblet Squats x20: 44×9+5+6, 44×7+7+6, 44×5+8+7, 44×6+7=7 (I can go heavier for smaller reps, next time I will go down to 35 to get the whole solid 20.
B2: P. Row x12: 55, 65, 75, 75
B3: 15 Cal row: 1:05, 1:02, 1:01, 0:56

Notes: Legs were toast after A1-A3. I know that my 1RM for BS isn’t 130 anymore. LOL!

PM Training:
Row 2K: 9:50
Sandbag GU 20#x50
Bike 7K: 16:50
FW 50/h: 100m (I used wrist straps on these to help with grip)
Row 2K: 9:55

Notes: I ended up using a 20# weighted ball for these buggers. My left side is more of a challenge than the right side. For sure more of a mental piece than anything…but I got through them. The last few days I’ve been getting 8 hours of sleep and about 150g of protein.


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