Gains 8-6



What drives each of us to greatness is different as well as what inspires each of us. What inspires me is seeing the plates on the barbell go up. I’ve been getting 8-9 hours of sleep for the last month, doing what the Naturalist is telling me to do, and being consistent across the board. The consistency is paying off big time, and it drives me to keep making sacrifices and staying consistent.

A1. DL x8 TNG 67% 145, 155, 165 (Up 10# from last week)

A2. BB S. Press x 12 35, 40, 55

A3. Step up 20"

A4. BB H.T @11x2 75, 95, 105 (Up 30# from last week)

(I had an appt) so I did part two this afternoon

30s AB 7,7,7,8
30s RW
30s Burpee 5,6,6,8
30s KBS 35x 12,14,12,13

Notes: I am really, really sore today. I will do PM tomorrow morning. Do you want me to add some Bike time in there too? Off to soak and early to bed again. 

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