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Over the last year as I have become more aware of my body and notice how different things affect my sleep I started doing some research on full moons. The moon plays a part in more than just sleep too, especially for us ladies. When the moon comes once a month, our bodies go into the “Lunar Cycle” which can cause a drop in your sleeping pattern from staying asleep to falling asleep. For me, I can always tell a full moon is coming–I get a headache (which is uncommon for me) and then usually a day or two before the moon I have a difficult time sleeping.

I found this neat chart on the different phases and how they are said to affect your body, it is said that during the Lunar Cycle:

  • Sexual peaks, stay up late
  • Energy-Southwest
  • Most active, increased stamina
  • Feeling nurturing
  • Best time of the month for lucid dreaming.

Check out the other phases here:

Another interesting thing I learned a few years ago is the moon’s affect on the tides. Our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water so as the ocean is affected by the moon cycle this relates to our bodies too. Although there is no real scientific evidence to the tide/moon affect on our bodies, just food for thought.

Some fun moon facts:

  • The earth makes the moon rise
  • No dark side
  • Bigger and smaller full moons
  • Not round
  • Tugging on the oceans

Read more on the moon facts:


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