Gains and Access Bars, 8-11-14




















I started taking Access bars from Melaleuca about two weeks ago and I have seen some great gains in my back squats. I’ve been making positive food choices, sleeping more, and my training has increased as well. In the two weeks I have been using the bars I have increased my back squats by 40 pounds! Bam! The bars allow your body to get into your fat burning zone which in turns gives you energy. Access bars increase lean muscle mass and helps improve muscle tone.

AM Training
A1. BS @2010; 10,8,8,8 125, 135, 155, 165
A2. DB BP @2010; 10 x4 30, 30, 30, 30 (tried to stick 1 1/4 plates on, but wouldn’t stay)
A3. 60s FLR x4 From knees
Rest 2MB1. SA WL 8/s x4 20, 25, 30, 30
B2. P. Row 12 x4 55, 55, 60, 60
B3. 17 Cal row 1:15, 1:05, 1:09, 1:07

Notes: A little confused on what exactly you wanted for the SA WL, I held DB in one arm and then did lunges normal. I came up with a goal for BS, 250 by 12-31. I may have been able to get to 170 today, my IT band is a little tight, going to get in to see Dr. Simon this week. I will do PM at the box tonight after coaching.

The energy today at OPT was on fire! If you are interested in hearing more about the Access bars, please email me Go out and make it a great day!

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