This rainy morning I found myself a little more tired than usual, but got moving and started on my programming. Having a training buddy who helps to give me that extra push this morning is just what I needed today. The strict presses were obviously too heavy, I did two push presses at the end. One of the athletes from the Phoenix Rise gave me some great tips and encouragement to lower the weight, get the form, not hang out at the bottom, and push from the heels.

I did a new movement today, Med Ball Toss with the 80# ball. These really took all I had today! The girls in the gym all helped and gave me great tips. It was more like a roll-over than a toss. It’s progress!

Part A took all that I had this morning. I went to start part B and found myself in tears and trying to dig for the energy to push through. Getting used to a new coaching schedule, eating dinner a little later, and bed about 45 minutes later is taking a toll on me. But, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!


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My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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