ALS Ice Bucket

Upon drenching myself in a bucket full of ice water before noon this morning I decided that I would look up the challenge and educate myself on the purpose behind the challenge besides just raising money.

The challenge started a few weeks ago with a former baseball player from Boston College challenging people to pour a bucket of ice water on their heads to bring attention to his fight against ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. ALS attacks the nerve cells in the brain  and spinal cord, It’s causes are not full understood and there is no cure. Personally we had a family friend who lost his battle at 40 with the disease.

While some do the challenge or donate it all brings awareness to ALS. I did mine for Clinton Kelly’s Auntie Elaine who just lost her battle with ALS and he is donating. So, pretty awesome that a cool dude like him would donate on behalf of folks dumping water onto their heads.

On a deeper note, dumping the bucket of ice cold water on your head causes your nerve endings to be sensitive and sort of hurt for awhile after. I can only imagine the pain that ALS people go through. Take the challenge and bring awareness and if you have a few extra bucks…make a donation too!

My challenge!


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