Four Seasons of Learning

I posted this on my Facebook page Anchor of Strength and I wanted to share it:

After I took Life Coaching at OPEX Fitness I found myself taking more time to reflect and take notice of what is happening around me. One of the greatest tools I learned through my journey is my ability to sit, write, reflect, and try to release to start back over again. Daily I struggle with releasing of what I reflect on. In the Life Coaching class we learn about the Four Seasons of Learning; Devising–Doing–Reflecting–Conceptualizing. While in teaching in the classroom I find myself about to reflect daily on a lesson and then conceptualizing how to move forward and teach the lesson a different way if students need extra help.

In my personal and fitness side of my life I find that my wheel gets stuck. I am good with reflecting and this page is a testament to that step. But, I somehow miss the conceptualizing and move straight into the devising season. Yesterday I saw a great post on a friend’s wall that ask about what commitment looks like. The selfish part of me thought wow, this post is for me…what did I do. Then the other part of me thought I am really good at short term commitments, but long term commitments are challenging and I often give up if I am not supported and encouraged. While in some ways I have grown to be my own cheerleader and have been able to stay positive or at least show a positive side, but in some way I need to relearn behaviors I didn’t learn growing up so I can be the best part of me.

On the OPEX blog yesterday, there was a great post on the Four Seasons of Learning which prompted me to sit and reflect. Often for me the morning time when my brain isn’t clogged with the stressers of the day is the best time to reflect. If you are a coach or not, I highly suggest the Life Coaching Class, it will give you a better perspective on how to live life inside and outside of the gym.

They posted an article which is a solid read and will give you more insights on the Four Seasons of Learning.
(The Image is from OPEX {OPT} Life Coaching Class. While I don’t always get to reading the blogs each day, I find that when I sit down to read them what I need to hear for my season and stage of my journey is right in from of me. The blog:

I’ve always said it is important to read something new each day or learn something new in order to constantly be increasing your knowledge.
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