Food Habits


I have the knowledge, I know what I am doing to myself isn’t how I improve and get better yet I still continue to do it. Off and on throughout my adult life I have taught my body how to live and function to the highest ability with little or few calories. While at times I do great and eat the normal amounts of protein and calories, other times I fall back into the habit of eating little and functioning high. Since I have started working out more I was good about eating protein and calories.

The last few weeks I find myself slipping back into old food habits. To me, eating 900 calories is a lot but on the other hand I know my body needs more but forcing myself to eat is hard for me. It is like I have a war going on between my brain and my body. Last week I had a few days under 900 calories. Today, when I went to go workout I knew I wasn’t going to have enough fuel. I maybe had 300 calories going into my training session tonight. It sucked, my chest hurt, I was light headed, and my brain just wasn’t working. Besides the lack of calories today I also had a very stressful day at work.

I am curious how my body continues to function so high on so less. I am losing weight and I feel like I am getting stronger, but maybe that is because I am burning fat and looking trimmer?! I have done some reading into calorie restriction and exercise but haven’t found much bad about it. The goal for this week is to eat 70g of protein by the end of the school-day, especially on days I workout.

A: DB RFESS; 6-8/leg x4 R2M (7.5 x 6/L for all 4)
B: Semi Sup incline DB Chest press @30×1; 8-10 R2M
22.5×8, 20×10, 22.5×8
C: RR; 8-10 x3 R90s
8, 8, 10
D: Std BC to Pr; 6-8×3 R90s
17.5×7, 17.5×6, 17.5×6
AD 20s ME x6 R2M
6, 7, 5, 6, 7, 7

The quote is true for me to day, I am afraid to let myself go and I know I need to set myself free and do what is best for my body. It is a war and each day holds a new challenge, but the best part about each day is you get to start fresh!


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