Winter Classic 2014



Work on your weakness until they are your strengths, & work on your strengths until they are second nature.

This quote is where I am at on my journey, working on my strengths and continuing to work on my weakness until they become my strengths. Yesterday I embarked on OPEX’s Winter Challenge for the second year in a row. For me it was a test for myself to see how far I have come and to see what I still need to work on. It is no surprise that I am defiantly stronger on the bottom that I am on the top. While parts of the events I loved some parts left me feeling defeated but knowing what I really needed to work on. Going into yesterday my body had a rough week, but it was still a good test for me to see what I could do.

Event 1: 
Establish a Max load in the following complex:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Notes: Two barbell movements that I really enjoy are dead lifts and Power Cleans so I was excited to see this one, but the limiting factor for me would be what can I put overhead for 6 reps. I warmed up with the bar, then I knew I could do at least 55 pounds. So I did a few of each to see how it would be, overhead it was not to bad. So I added 5 more pounds and went for it. I knew I didn’t need to record it but I wanted it for my coach and for my files. Drats—recording fail….so nothing like doing it twice. I probably should have gone heavier but I knew I had two more events ahead that would require me not to have smoked shoulders. Score: 60  

Event 2:
For Time:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Unbroken chest-to-bar pull-ups
*10:00 time cap, must break btwn sets
Remaining reps added to time.
Notes: Don’t you know I am superwomen and have secret powers! Ha! My modification was to do Rings at hip height and feet on a 20″ box. I knew this would be difficult to do, but I thought I’d be able to get a few. My goal was to do 10, I did them like an EMOM and tried to do 1 each minute. Maybe if I had bigger boobs I would have been able to get my chest to ring height. I know this is a major weakness for me and I can see lots more upper body work in my future programming. Score: 10:55 Video: 

Event 3:
For Time:
40 Back Squats 45#
40 Row Calories
30 Front Squats 45#
30 Row Calories
20 OH Squats 45#
20 Row Calories
Modification; no penalty and sub Air Squats
Notes: Squats and rowing is another favorite combination of mine! Although I was given the modification to do Air squats I am a little stubborn and chose to do the prescribed workout as much as I could. I was able to do the back squats unbroken with just a few short pauses at the top. The row was what I used to recover and I used hard pulls to get me the calories quickly. The front squats I was thankful for the no penalty as I had to break half way through and then again after another 5. Then again the row I got about the same time, although I was fiddling with my phone because it stopped recording. The OH Squats, I surprised myself, I was able to get 3 although it was an odd movement because I don’t really do them a lot and I have some shoulder stability issues. I got a little pain in my right shoulder and decided to finish the set with air squats. Looking back at my math today it didn’t look right, I redid it..I should have doubled check yesterday. Score submitted 18:10, correct score: 16:55. What I have of the video: 

Looking back at the workouts and the posts from last years challenge I believe my endurance has gotten a lot better as well as my strength. The workouts were different so it is hard to judge what improvements area made because I didn’t do the same events. Maybe one of these days I will do the events from last year just to see how I do. Just like in school a true test is the same movements, same weights, same questions. I am glad I did it even though I am sore in places I didn’t think I would be sore.

I made the quote picture at the top, I know I need to keep practicing my weakness to make it my strength and keep practicing my strengths till I can do them in my sleep. The journey never stops it just keeps evolving!





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